We help companies make the most of their rights and assets across all devices and opportunities. 

Our Products

We provide ready made tools and systems for cloud based video projects: they will help you get your projects up and running rapidly.

vidzapper - video logistics system

Cloud-based Media Asset Management and Distribution

If you want to manage your video production and archive and co-ordinate distribution across social media, YouTube, your own websites, third party websites, blogs and broadcasters, VidZapper is the perfect online video platform that will rapidly enable you to build distributable video players and channels: it also supports video advertising, SVOD and PPV.

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Rights & Sales Management for Media Programmes, Properties & Rights

If you want to make more money from your ideas, creative output, programs, properties and rights, then Rights Tracker can provide you with sophisticated software to increase and optimize the sales of your assets.


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Our Services

TV Everywhere helps companies migrate their video business into the cloud. Our expert teams can provide all the technical assistance that you need, from individual engineers and consultants to a full delivery team.


Video Logistics

The opportunities presented by new technologies have changed the way you need to manage video in your organization. TV Everywhere specialises in video logistics. We can help you improve the production, management and distribution of your video across multiple channels, platforms and devices by implementing the right solution at the right cost.

Software Development, Customization & Integration

We can customize our systems to suit your specific needs or help you develop your own systems. We have extensive experience of delivering media projects using platforms such as leading CDNs such as Akamai and Level3, cloud networks such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, and of implementing and customising specialist software such as Adobe Flash Server, JW Player, Wowza, FFMPG, HCL and FFMBC, as well as integrating via APIs to and from Portals such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Our engineering team has undertake numerous projects integrating with storage and encoding systems (locally, online and in the cloud), production management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) and financial systems. We can also help you implement bespoke rights sales and management solutions and manage rights on third party systems such as scheduling systems and VoD platforms. In other words, we offer a one stop resource for your media development needs.

Rights Management & Optimization

We can provide you with all the tools and services you need to make the most of your rights, from acquiring and selling clips to optimizing international sales and distribution of your video and TV properties. This includes tracking what rights you have acquired and what rights you have to sell, handling and tracking contributor and royalty payments, availability management, customer relationship management, sales process management and delivery and distribution.

Channel Building

We can help you design, build and manage your video service across all devices, platforms and social media. Our developers and designers can take your vision and help you make your own channel a reality. Our software supports ad based delivery, SVOD, VOD and many other models, so if you’re looking to commercialize your services we can help you deliver this too.


Managing assets and rights is a complex business and introducing tools and systems to automate the way you work can seem daunting at first. However, with our extensive experience, we can help you formulate your requirements and specify how our technology will suit your workflow before deploying the system. We usually do this by undertaking a scoping phase to identify how to onbroad your assets, contracts and legacy content and systems. Then we design the required workflows and integration with your existing systems. It sounds complex, but our focus is to streamline the way you work and help you make and save money.


We can host your system in the cloud using our custom built network that leverages Amazon, Microsoft and Level3’s networks, saving you the hassle and costs of server infrastructure and give you predictable storage and bandwidth costs with zero overhead. But we also have options for you to host the software and can help you build and configure your own storage and network locally and in the cloud.

Data Migration & Onboarding

As well as providing advanced tools for ingestion and data mapping, we have partners dedicated to providing you with assistance in the migration of your content and records onto our media management platforms from tape, video files, paper contracts, Excel, Access or other databases and systems.

OTT Services, Digital Delivery & Video Streaming

More and more content is being delivered digitally, and we can provide cost-effective services to host and deliver your content both as preview streams or as digital files. Our extensive content database holds the default video formats used by a wide range of broadcasters, online services and portals so that you can deliver your video, metadata, image files and documents in minutes in the right formats required by your clients and our team can integrate this directly into your workflow.

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Some Projects

Here are some projects we’ve worked on with our partners and clients:

MindRider brings free eLearning to viewers in India and globally


A wide range of free digital marketing courses have been made available to viewers in India and beyond using VidZapper India.


Multichannel Rebrand for Big Centre TV

BCTV rebrand

When the TV station for the West Midlands in the UK wanted to rebrand, they were able to do so in a few hours using the tools build in VidZapper8.

Program Sales For Major Australian Broadcaster


Using Assetry Screen, TVE subsidiary Rights Tracker has developed a screening system to help leading Australian broadcaster SBS sell their extensive catalog of broadcasting worldwide.

Automated Video Distribution for the Press Association

Press Assocication use TV Everywhere for video distributionThe Press Association uses TV Everywhere software to distribute its video rushes and news and sports features to over 40 clients, including AOL, Yahoo!, MSN and YouTube. The system provides real time delivery of videos to specific profiles for each customer, along with the related XML metadata and images and runs 24 x 7.


Local Television in the UK

baytvThe UK Government issued licences for hyper local television studios in 2012 and the local stations for Birmingham, Brighton and Liverpool, Big Centre TV, Latest TV and Bay TV have adopted VidZapper to manage and distribute their online video channels, both live and on demand, across PCs, tablets and mobile devices supported by a range of commercial revenue streams including video and spot advertising.


Political Decisions In Spain

PSOE leadership debate live on VidZapper

When PSOE, Spain’s former ruling and current opposition party came to have their new leadership debate, our partners at Vivocom turned to VidZapper as the platform to deliver the stream to El Pais, the country’s biggest newspaper website, as well as many other mainstream outlets, with over 50,000 concurrent viewers at any time across web, tablets and mobile, this was the latest in a long line of live and on demand broadcasts. TVE also works for governments and political parties in the UK and Ireland.

Taking Clipper Around The World

The Clipper Around The World Yacht Race is one of the toughest sporting challenges on earth, taking professional and novice sailors into some of the world’s most treacherous oceans. The race attracts massive international media coverage and the online and mobile video coverage is handled on VidZapper by partner 1080 Media. The 2015 departure was covered live and distributed to outlets from China to North America, with feeds to a wide range of web sites and portals, including YouTube.


GAA Launch Just Play App With VidZapper

GAA video app using VidZapper Working with production partners Nemeton TV, TV Everywhere delivered  a video highlights app for the Gaelic Athletic Association, one of Europe’s largest sports federations,  using a highly automated process that saw content go directly from the edit suite to the app on a viewer’s smart device.

Powering Media for London 2012


In just three weeks the TV Everywhere team customized VidZapper to provide a comprehensive media asset management system for London 2012 working with partners 1080 Media. This enabled the seventy strong team in the Mayor of London’s promotional team to distribute over 30,000 video and image assets of the cultural events surrounding the 2012 Olympics to media all over the world in near real time. The system featured automated distribution to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and the ability to approve and share any type of content in seconds. Photographers and video teams were able to directly upload and version content for global distribution using an inbox feature.

Abu Dhabi Triathlon Goes Live

The 2013 Abu Dhabi triathlon, featuring TEAM GB’s gold medal winning Olympic triathlete and back-to-back European Triathlon Union champion, Alistair Brownlee, was streamed live by TV Everywhere partners 1080Media using TVE’s VidStorer transcoding system and global network. The event was be made available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices as well as any browser enabled TV.


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